Key Benefits

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File Size

Design complex geometries while keeping file size minimal.


Achieve the maximum detail allowed by your AM solution.

Processing Time

Go from CAD to CAM faster with our cloud based solution.

Build Speed

Build parts much quicker through novel laser strategies.

Freedom, Control, Precision

Engine for AM is a cloud based solution for the production of complex geometry in additive manufacturing. Developed with every stage in mind, we’re introducing a simplified workflow that makes the design, conversion and results, easier, faster and better.

Engine processes line geometry and converts this directly to machine toolpaths (.CLI) without the need for a discrete mesh representation (so long STL). You can send data to Engine directly from supported CAD environments via plugins, or by writing directly to our open .ARCH specification.

Integration, Flexibility, Productivity

Engine has been developed from the ground up through progressive in-field testing across a range of laser based AM systems. As well as general toolpaths, we also provide specific machine and material optimisations that can greatly improve the resolution and build speeds of complex geometries.

We’ve developed Engine as a platform for delivering architectured materials to designers using AM. With our CAD plugins you will be able to pick and choose from a range of architectured materials and implement them onto volumetric designs.

1. Design & Select

Design parts with your CAD software and select an architectured material.

2. Apply

Apply selected architectured material to a specific volumes with our Drag & Drop plugin.

3. Process

Export your part to Engine for AM to process your file online and receive your build file.

4. Print

Manage your build files online, download or send a link to get your parts manufactured.